Vancouver-based actor and comedian Gary Jones delighted Stargate SG1 fans for 10 years and over 100 episodes portraying Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman, the all-knowing and unflappable ‘Gate controller of the SGC. Gary is one of a chosen few who also appeared in Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. He’s travelled the world meeting die-hard Stargate fans. His other sci-fi credits include: Travelers, Timeless, Dead Like Me, Psych, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Andromeda and a recurring part on Sliders. gary’s also an award-winning improviser and comedian, dating back to his early days with fabled comedy-improv theatre, Second City. He even once improvised in the Redmond, Washington home of Bill Gates! He regularly has fans rolling in the aisles with his hilarious behind the scenes Stargate stories. A true fan favourite, when Gary shows up, Chevron 7 truly is “locked!"