An onscreen imposing physical presence, thisCanadian-born Japanese is one of the fresh new faces to show up on your TV screen.  After many years of hard work and determination, Ohtsji has claimed one of the few slots for Asian actors in the movie industry. 

Born and raised in Burnaby, BC he began studying his craft seriously as a teenager and at the age of seventeen, garnered his first role in Christophe Gans’ Crying Freeman. The years following, Ohtsji delved deeper, studying mercilessly and embarking on such shows as Smallville, The Butterfly Effect, and Stargate SG-1, Mortal Kombat, and the Montreal shot mini-series Race to Mars.  Working opposite the likes of Morgan Freeman, Jeff Daniels, and Bryan Cranston, this well grounded actor simply replies how truly grateful and blessed he has been.

When asked why he chose acting as a career, the Vancouverite didn’t even hesitate to answer, ‘I think it’s the largest medium in changing people…and people change the world.’  And of course, he enjoys it, he says with a laugh.  ‘Each character is a puzzle and it’s fun finding that particular part of myself and bringing it out. 

Sporting a body of rock on the outside, Ohtsji admits that he does have a soft spot on the inside, his mother.  ‘She told me to shoot for the stars and if you don’t make it, at least you’ll land on the moon.  A fine shooter he’s become.  Recent credits include the feature film Darc which can been viewed on Netflix, Godzilla, Arrow, Beyond, and Man in the High Castle. Written up in numerous magazines and trade journals this versatile and charismatic actor continues to feed his work with a vibrant passion for life.