Mac Jackson is a successful singer-songwriter for himself and his band Harmony Constant that he has with his wife, Cindy. They reside in Dickson City, PA with their two children, Mikey and Everly. Mac is also a writer, producer and has acted since childhood. He is a avid outdoorsman as well as a 1st degree black belt in American Kenpo and trained in various weapons such as stick fighting and fencing. He is the host of The Never Gets Old Podcast. A fun podcast about Life and our favorite things in pop culture. He also hosts The MacGyver Podcast. A exciting podcast about the influence of Richard Dean Anderson and a celebration of his iconic roles. He's also the writer, performer and producer of the hit ongoing MacGyver/SG-1 Audio Series. A series that continues and combines the adventures of Stargate and MacGyver. On top of everything else, he creates original art for the audio series and a comic strip for the podcasts. Look for all of these and more on Facebook and The Forever Adventure Network website.