Onna Carr is a bestselling author of the graphic novels Beautiful and WiseBecca and the Sneaky ViolinistElijah or No?Lizzy Revisited, The Putt About Daythe Science of Sharlock Holmes the Rise of Sharlock Holmes, Stand by Your ManThrough Him Who Loved Usthe Voided Check,  


Onna is also the owner of thelittlegreenhouseonthecorner.com, home to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday Finds blog, from which she compiled The Being of Business:  Interviews from Artists, Interior Designers, and Foodies on their Lives' Work and through which she hosts Get to the Gate Summer Camp, the only completely online Stargate-themed 3 month long convention running from June-August.  

In addition, Onna hosts the Check It/Round Table Podcast with B Hope, a podcast that reviews books, movies, music, and stuff, where it is all real and all there.